Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Serena Van Der Woodsen Thinks You're a Slut

This week’s episode of Gossip Girl pissed me off so much that I’m going to... I’m going to blog about it!

Not only were they completely unrealistic about sex this week, they were also unforgivably judgmental. First of all, it is completely out of character for Serena to be waiting to have sex with Aaron. What, does she think he’s “special” or something? More special than say, the guy she killed? (I’m not over how effing good that Yale episode was) This is party girl Serena we’re talking about. She is a phoenix continually rising from the ashes of her sad, overprivileged life, and she does that sparkly rising act by getting artsy boys to like her and then fucking them. Am I supposed to also believe that a guy as p-i-m-p as Aaron would choose to get over his fear of monogamy with a girl who hasn’t even put out? BULL.SHIT. Not to mention Serena’s boobs have been hanging out hardcore in the past few episodes and with a rack like that you know Aaron is getting mad um, nookie or whatever they call it.

Second of all, what was with making Lexi simultaneously appear as a slut and a feminist icon just because she sleeps with guys on the first date? Of course, sleeping with a guy on the first date has to be qualified by some ridiculous political/”feminist” statement because it’s not like you could do so without being a slut, right? Am I supposed to buy that Serena has never slept with a guy on the first date and actively looks down on those who do? Am I supposed to believe it is somehow both impressive and wrong of Lexi to want to fuck Dan the second time she meets him? Hello, the guy’s gorgeous, and if I had the chance I would’ve fucked him during the walking tour of Brooklyn during our first hour of contact! Oh but of course she’s a slut because she doesn’t force him to sit through 3-5 painfully awkward, paid-for by him dinners at chic uptown restaurants before handing him her precious flower. I mean, do girls actually even do that anymore? There’s nothing wrong with a little self-respect or saying no if you don’t feel comfortable. But there is something wrong with a show that totes itself as being sexually explicit (in the teenage sense of the word) looking down on women who do what guys are expected to do on every first date: acknowledge that they want to skip the awkward shit and just fuck. If I wanted that didactic moral superiority I would just call my Grandmother thank you very much and good night.


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Nina said...

When Serena tells the primmest and properest Blair that Lexi tends to have sex on the first date, Blair responds with, "So?" I thought the message what that Serena's attitude was archaic and in opposition to the opinions of the other characters. Serena's opinion seems uncharacteristic for her because it is. She only cares about this because she still cares about Dan. Don't we both know Serena was really just jealous that Dan might be having sex with someone else?