Monday, December 29, 2008

Same Old New Year's

So I'm totally excited for our upcoming New Year's party! Except part of me isn't, at all, because I hate holiday parties, because they never--never--live up to expectations.

Be it Halloween or Valentine's Day, parties that fall on holidays are supposed to be more fun because "It's a holiday OMG!" only that really doesn't change anything and the same people with the same PBR are there and you're still single and maybe the host put up a few decorations from Party City but the excitement surrounding the holiday itself is false and will therefore bring down the party mood. When everyone expects something amazing, it rarely works out that way.

All of which is to say: come! Please! Or have fun doing whatever else you've got planned! But remember that it won't be a New Year's party so much as a convenient excuse to get together and drink (a lot.) Keep your expectations low and your inhibitions lower! After all, isn't that the true spirit of the holidays?


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