Sunday, December 21, 2008

Penn Teller

UPenn was so much fun! Okay at times it was really weird because there was a little drama in that one of our friends (quote-unquote?) separated from the rest of the group to hook up with someone from his high school and didn't see what was shitty about his behavior. And it was really cold, especially when we walked at least a dozen blocks in the freezing cold and I wasn't wearing socks since they were wet and I hadn't had coffee beforehand and everyone else was gratingly chipper and I was just trying to not kill myself.

But forget the bad and remember the good times! We smoked and hung around our host's frat house and ate Chinese food and went to her friend's Christmas party which just turned into all of us dancing to TLC and I hooked up with an Alaskan ("Is Sarah Palin considered normal up there??" I asked him, after more than a couple beers) who ended up missing his flight back home to spend the night with me and when we eventually got to the breakfast place after walking a dozen blocks in the freezing cold I had eggs and bacon and a warm biscuit with butter and it was delicious and I am definitely visiting again next semester, but not until March at the earliest because Philadelphia is a really cold city and I was unprepared for the wintry onslaught. Antwan took pictures at the party; I'll link to them when they're posted.

Now I'm waiting for my mom to pick me up (aww) so I can spend a week at home. I know what I'm getting for Hanukkah but will hold off on telling you all until I actually receive the gift. I don't have weed, which really annoyed me last night--six days at home without weed?--but this morning I woke up and realized that if I was so upset about not smoking weed for less than a week then maybe it's time for me to cut back. With that in mind, I'm not going to attempt to score some green at home because that process inevitably involves driving all around East Brunswick with people I'd rather not deal with. Fortunately, Jess is spending the night at my house later this week, so I'll just make her bring some. Welcome back to America, J-Roy*! I guess I'll just drink heavily. Or (ha) try to enrich myself through literature and culture.


*"J-Roy" was our freshman-year nickname for her, but for some reason it fell out of vogue. Since I'm late to both adopt and dispose of cultural trends, I haven't quite given it up yet. Also there's this really great song called "Paper Planes" you all should check out.

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