Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I’m crying right now and it’s not because I’m leaving Paris in 10 days or because the guy I was seeing left for Africa or because I have to spend another holiday season with my family; I’m crying because of GOSSIP GIRL.

This was the first episode I can truly say resonated with their “OMFG” slogan because seriously... OMFG.

Serious spoiler alert below.

Bart Bass... dead. Chuck... gone. Lily... aborted Rufus’ baby. Blair... told Chuck she loved him. Eleanor... married. Aaron... in love with Serena. Dan... also in love with Serena. Eric... back together with Jonathan. Serena... off to Buenos Aires with Aaron.


More happened in this episode than in the entire season. And seeing Chuck vulnerable like that touched a nerve in me I never thought existed. I’ve become more emotionally tied to the characters this season mostly because I really do think this one is much better than the last, but they really stayed true with Chuck’s character throughout this situation; he would totally get drunk and hole up in The Palace with twins and then drunkenly call Lily a “whore.”

I’m going to watch this episode again right now. SO FUCKING GOOD.


P.S. They play my favorite National song - "Slow Show" - at the end. GAHHH.
P.P.S. Amazing "Chuck is drunk and angry" screencaps:


Melissa said...

Thank you!

Why does nymag think that the baby is still alive? I clearly got the abortion message.

Anyways, i carried the garment bag is the new I carried a watermelon. plus at least 1.

Jess and Josh said...

I suppose it COULD be alive but I got the feeling it was aborted. Maybe not! I also have the sneaking suspicion that Bart is not actually dead but maybe that's just my secret love for General Hospital rearing its ugly head.

Ali said...

jess - where did you watch this episode online? i missed it last night and it's not on surfthechannel and i'm freaking out! your help would be much appreciated.

Jess and Josh said...

I'm a huge dork and I've been paying $1.99 to download them on iTunes. It's def worth it though because you can watch it whenever you want without internet.

Sarah A. said...

Bart being alive would be SOOOO 90210 - Dylan's dad, supposedly BLOW UP shows up in the background of a news report several years in the future and was actually in witness protection and had to fake his death even though Dylan had plotted against his murdered, fell in love with his murderers daughter and then his murderer, trying to kill Dylan, KILLED HIS OWN DAUGHTER!