Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, Same Old Ish

I know my updates have been less frequent as of late; I'm still getting used to friends being back and saying goodbye to others and trying to find a new job and all sorts of stuff like that. I was going to make a big long post reflecting on the past year and explaining my ways, but I am frankly not in the mood for such a task and will instead present to you a short list of my New Year's resolutions. You know, to hold me accountable or something. Read mine, then post yours!

1. Stop being so judgmental--I know, it's like asking the sun not to shine, but I have a tendency to either embrace or dismiss people right away, and that's both socially unhealthy as well as a means by which I may pass over potentitally great friends. 2009 will be the year of second chances and forgiveness!

2. Start working out again--Yes, I (chain) smoke, and I don't know about cutting back on cigarettes, but I do know that I need to get back to the gym. Freshman year I was something of a workout-a-holic, but I kind of gave that up sophomore year in favor of drinking alone and walking everywhere. Except I don't walk everywhere and drink maybe once or twice a week, so I have no excuse. Maybe I'll cut back on the tobacco too, but let's start by getting my ass back to Coles! Or a private gym, if my amazing super-cool awesome parents would be willing to pay for it. Spoiled and sporty! Happy 2009!

3. Do more with my writing--So...I want to be a writer. (Well, among other things.) Yet the only place I regularly write is on this blog. I want to maybe write things for other Web sites, or at least the NYU literary magazine. No, not just for the byline, but because I've recently realized that I haven't stretched my writing muscles in too long. My creative writing workshop will help, but since I spend so much time online anyway, why not write shit? So if you want to pay me to write reviews of Madonna songs or something, that'd be lovely. Thanks.

4. I will not write "get a boyfriend." I will not write "get a boyfriend." I will not write "get a boyfriend." I will not write "get a boyfriend." I will not write "get a boyfriend." I will not write "get a boyfriend."

5. Be the very best person I can be! ^__^

Just kidding this one is totally about being better with money.


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Samantha said...

1. stop letting people walk all over me.

2. spend less money

3. stop being a playa (aka settle down and get myself a nice british boyfriend)