Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Life Right Now


1) I'm sitting at a table on the fourth floor of Bobst next to my friend who's looking up "Altitude" on Wikipedia while trying to translate A Milli into proper English. One of the choicest phrases: "I'm a young dollars and coins man with a million dollars."

2) I'm debating whether or not to text the hot waiter from the sake bar last night. He kept giving us free shots and was really nice and came outside to smoke a cigarette with me, but he technically gave his number to my friend Eliza, who promptly handed it to me, and we were supposed to text him when we figured out where we were going next so he could meet us after his shift, but then I forgot, and now it just seems a little trashy to be like "Hey sorry I forgot about you last night but you're really hot," which is exactly what I'd say to him obviously.

3) Remember how I just said I don't skip class anymore? Yeah, I did that twice today. I'm even doing it as we speak! But I'm "doing other work" so it's okay.

4) I'm addicted to cappuccinos, because apparently I'm an artsy-fartsy Clinton liberal in Seattle in 1995 who wears Moby glasses and only subscribes to The Onion and picks out the Sunday Styles section from his neighbor's trash can every week. Because the green movement hadn't yet started in 1995.


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