Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An Idea

This came to me last night while avoiding continuing the "functions twofolds" and "manifests itself as" in my papers; I was reading my old diaries and realized what an insufferable little prick I was (and still am?). But it brought the LOL's for sure. Since the lit salon failed so miserably, what if we have a new feature where we share excerpts from our high school diaries? Ones that capture perfectly the melodrama, the hilarity, the discomfort? Readers can either email or leave their entries in the comments, and Josh and I can post them along with stuff from our own. Of course, I haven't even talked to Josh about this so haha Josh what do you think of this idea? It will help in our endeavor to take ourselves less seriously! Because what could possibly be less serious than me proclaiming at 16 that "that motherfucker [my father] doesn't support me financially! my job [at Color Me Mine] pays for everything!" (Except food, gas, college tuition...)

Leave a comment: good idea/bad idea/ridiculous idea?



Jess and Josh said...


Remember how my laptop has crashed like 500 times? Well, one of those times, all my old documents were lost, including the Word document into which I'd copy-and-pasted my LiveJournal. (The LJ is, sadly, no longer up.) I'll search my hard drive later to see if I can find any other old/hilarious things.

Actually, this isn't too big a loss, since 99% of the entries amounted to: "I'm sad that I like boys and can't tell anyone."


Ellen said...

SUCH a good idea.

denesteak said...

Cringe worthy. (

Vanessa said...

Amazing idea. And someone beat me to it, but I was gonna say, this girl I met at a wedding in September, Sarah Brown, runs an event in Brooklyn on the first Wednesday of every month called Cringe where people go and read stuff from their old journals/emails/etc. I haven't made it to one this semester and of course I'll be gone by the time the next one rolls around, but you should go. Or you should wait until June and I'll come with you. Either/or.

But back to what you asked: MARVELOUS IDEA. I'll start digging through the ol' lj now...

Jess and Josh said...

Well a lot of people seem to like this, so I'm down. Hopefully our readers follow through! I have faith they won't fail us now.