Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Growin' Up, Headin' Out

I changed our pictures since the ones we had up there were from almost a year ago! I think I still succeed in upholding my image as "Miss Bangs and Eyeliner" though. But today my bangs are up! This is my "I don't want to write another fucking paper on Ernest Hemingway" face.

Tomorrow I am going to Prague for the weekend so I will not be blogging until Sunday night/Monday morning. Josh will continue to easily and wonderfully hold down the fort without me. On that note, I return to the states Dec. 21 to internet 24/7 (I am both looking forward to and dreading this), delivery for drugs/food and MY DOG, who looks like this:He is way cuter than me.

Bon weekend!



denesteak said...

YAYYY i love prague, please tell us how it goes.

Melissa said...

Cutest dog ever! I have a cocker too. Like the new look. I just chopped 10 inches off my hair.

Have fun in Prague