Sunday, December 14, 2008

Embarrassing High School Diary Entries #3

From Sam:

I feel like my life is one big ellipsoid these days, and I keep swinging around and around it. An ellipsoid being the locus of all points in space for which the distance from one point is equal to something minus the distance from another point. Or something like that, I don't even remember that from precal. But what exactly is the equation of the tangent to my ellipsoid at the point (now, f(now))? Deep thoughts from someone who hasn't done a bit of calc studying this weekend :-/

No, Sam, there is no I in your English teacher's email saying to remember "a couple of pens" for tomorrow's exam. You dirty boy. Oh, fuck. Tomorrow's exam. AaaaaaaaaahI'mactingmorenervousthanIreallyambecauseI'mtryingtodistractmyselffrom

From Anonymous:

My party..nicole told me I was having a surprise party..great surprise. They dont wnat me to invite grace wtf obviously I have to and now i have the whole inviting stpeh and laura situation it’s just so hard and nicole’s been pissing me off and she always is asking grace what is wrong and now she denies it w/e omg and she always goes and pretends she’s margaret on her sn its so annoying!!!!!!!!

Tonight margot and I are going bak to the bowling alley..caffeine pills and bacardi baby its going to fun i hope!

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