Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Embarrassing High School Diary Entries: Part One

So we got a positive reaction to the suggestion that we have a feature showcasing our embarrassing high school journal entries. I'm going to kick it off with two of mine, found below.

15 year old Jess
Wednesday June 4, 2003 l 3:58pm
Boys in my life are just like the trashy teen novels I obsessively read. I’m fully engrossed while involved - but things end suddenly, leaving me feeling bored and yearning for more.
Today I read a 300 page Eurotrash novel in 1 1/2 class periods. That says something. If my Dad doesn’t let me go to the Jets to Brazil show at the Troc I will scream my pants off. Honestly he needs to let me be free. I’m ridiculously independent and being constantly confined to the pathetic borders of Springfield just isn’t cutting it, dammit. If I don’t get more freedom soon I’ll have to rebel and oh will he regret it.
Deviously yours, J

16 year old Jess
Thursday July 13, 2004 l 9:04pm
All Ali [my sister] and my Dad ever do is watch sports. Now it’s baseball. In the fall and winter, it’s football. It never ends! And it couldn’t be any more fucking boring, either. Like if I’m going to be sitting at home couldn’t we DO something!? No, they have to watch SPORTS! Like, ugh. Ali and my Dad = the same dumb, boring person. We have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL in common. *bangs head against desk* Why do I not have my fucking license?!

Have diary entries you want us to post? Email us (jkr243@nyu.edu or, if you're nasty, jlb564@nyu.edu) or post yours in the comments. We've gotten a few so we're going to post them every Tuesday or Wednesday as my access to the internet allows.


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