Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CNN Thinks Oprah Is Fat

I was just watching The Situation Room (because I'm that cool) and they'd just done a segment on Oprah's weight problem and how millions of Americans can identify with being overweight and then Wolf Blitzer asked Jim Cafferty for his latest mail but first Cafferty asked Blitzer: "Is overweight the same as fat?"

Then it got weird because Cafferty would not stop talking about how overweight is just the PC version of fat and kept confirming this with Blitzer like he has never heard the term "obese" before. Then he concluded his little rant with this remark: "But they're fat," presumably in regards to Oprah. Then Blitzer nervously laughed and without any transition at all, Cafferty dove into his viewer mail about the auto industry crisis.

I'll post a video when it becomes available online.

UPDATE: I still haven't found a video, but here's the official transcript:

BLITZER: Let's go back to Jack Cafferty with the Cafferty file -- Jack?

CAFFERTY: Is that the same as fat?

BLITZER: Obese is fatter than fat.

CAFFERTY: I mean, is it no longer politically correct to say that somebody is just fat.

BLITZER: Yes, it is overweight and obese.

CAFFERTY: You can't just say they are fat.


CAFFERTY: But they are fat.


CAFFERTY: Aren't they? Question this hour: Is a government car czar the answer to Detroit's problems?



Denesteak said...

well... he's kinda right.

Jess and Josh said...

I can't find video, which is a shame because it was just so weird to watch.

He is kinda right, but it's the way he said it. Like he was so passionate about this subject he was only just hearing about.


Roger said...

Yeah, Oprah is FAT and Jack is an EX-DRUNK! Tell it like it is all the way around Jack!