Friday, November 7, 2008

What Beast Hath I Wrought?

So this got pretty crazy, huh? I'm glad to have sparked such debate, but seriously, fuck everyone who thinks homosexuality is a sin. Fuck 'em straight to the lousy, poorly-decorated hell they deserve.



shnitzit said...

Yo, i have to say something about corporate interests and Barack Obama--Obama never accepted any campaign money from corporations or special-interest PACs, meaning that almost all of his massive amounts of campaign dollars came from individual's contributions, with over 50% of it in amounts of $50 or less. Also, his policies on heavily increased taxes for entities (including corporations) that make over $250,000/year (almost all corporations) made him a highly unfavorable candidate to big business. Any anti gay-marriage sentiment that he expressed as a politician was probably to make sure he didn't disallow religious votes (which many say won him the election) or, perhaps, sincere personal beliefs.

I do find it interesting though that during his acceptance speech he dropped the gay word when talking about equality! PERSONALLY i find that very interesting.....

love the blog. read it all the time


My Infinite Numbered Days said...

I like Melissa Etheridge's stance:

Jess and Josh said...


MIND: Yeah, I read that. Wesley Snipes should've taken a page out of her book.

Shawn said...

"No chastising from this direction; none at all-toward you anyway.
I do have a bit of scolding for the voters of those states: SHAME ON YOU!
Shame on you. How on earth can it happen, in the 21st century, that AMERICANS vote to TAKE AWAY another person’s rights? How is this allowed to happen, and where do I make my donation to fund the lawsuit that makes it to the US Supreme Court?"

i second that. to whom do i make the check?

Dene said...

hey josh, i came over here to see if you were experiencing the same mind-fuck that's going on over in the comment section.

Jess and Josh said...

No, there are no chris s-type people here.