Saturday, November 22, 2008

Surrealist Sims

Ah, The Sims. I used to love this game, back when I'd play it on my parents' PC. For a sheltered little gay boy like me, it was not only a fun time-waster but also a chance to live a "correct" life; I could remake myself, fashion me a beautiful wife (always with ridiculously large breasts, a virtue for which I thank/blame my father), and give myself normal, man-and-woman-in-bed-produced kids. For a while, this is how I Simmed, living out a life I would never know.

Then I got bored of that and started killing off my Sims, each scheme more sadistic than the last. I eventually killed off an entire family by trapping them in the living room with only an armchair and a fireplace; once the father was the last survivor, I gave him a fully-furnished home but kept the gravestones, a daily reminder of his grief.

Last night, taking another trip down Nostalgia Lane while recovering from a bad bout of food poisoning on Thursday, I decided to see what my fellow YouTubers had done with their Sims. And it should not have surprised me that some of their Simulations were fantastic, hilarious, and weird. Nothing, however, was more surreal than this little gem:

I (knock on wood) feel better today, and I think this video is somehow part of the reason why.


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