Sunday, November 16, 2008

Magical WiFi

I woke up yesterday to free WiFi in my apartment. I don't know how it happened but there is now an open WiFi network with a very strong signal, and I'm not paying for it. I am currently typing this from my bed; blogging from bed! Something I used to do all the time and yet as of today had not done in months.

The trouble is I haven't really moved since I woke up two hours ago, because I watched an episode of The Hills and I read some blogs and I searched for (and coveted) Marni dresses on Ebay and I caught up on email. And now I'm supposed to meet this French guy Xavier at a tea house at 5pm and I haven't showered yet and I haven't done any of my homework and I haven't done the dishes or my laundry. I think I kind of liked not having the internet better.

Did you ever realize that the internet is its own tense? It is not the future or the past, and it is somehow not the present because you're not actually living your life or in the real world when you're on the internet. You enter a whole different stratosphere, and suddenly hours go by and you haven't spent them in the present or the past or the future; you've spent them in internet tense, and by the end of it you still probably only got one email.

There's no way I am finishing The Mandarins now.


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