Friday, November 28, 2008

Josh's Favorite Videos

Last night, as is my custom at home, I smoked and watched TV in my parents' basement. To be honest, I don't recall a lot of what I saw, but I remember being impressed by this new video from Solange.

She's got a great first name, but I'm sure her people told her to drop the "Knowles" because, you know, she's got that sister of hers. And she's never really hit it big, either, except for her moment in the spotlight when she got married and had a baby and then got divorced, all before the age of 21. But "I Decided" is not only a catchy song--a perfect blend of old-school Motown and modern synth lines--but also a great video, with eye-popping aesthetics, wonderful uses of archival footage to infuse it with social consciousness, and damn she looks good. Videos like this one will make Solange a star in her own right.

By the way, in case you're wondering, my Thanksgiving was good. My family was eerily family-like, even playing a group game of Monopoly. I silently got drunk and watched and made snide comments with my grandma. We have so many leftovers. Hope your holiday was great as well!



Jess and Josh said...

i saw this video in a bar on friday night and LOVED it.

LMC said...

Josh! i met you the night of the local party... at your house... hmm no way to not sound awkward. but I saw this post and totally flipped! I heart Solange (and the whole knowles family) but I met her when I was working at this magazine, and she was positively the loveliest person I've ever met. She's definitely not pulling an Ashley Simpson--she's genuinely talented. So happy to see someone else agrees.