Monday, November 24, 2008

Josh's Favorite Videos

Gotta give some love to my fellow white-as-snow Jews. But the Beastie Boys have always played that up--their best videos allow them to poke fun at themselves while satirizing a genre (the buddy-cop movie, the concert video, etc.) and mocking the expected. The thing is, they're always really good at playing whatever parts they've selected for themselves. I think this is an extension of their position in the hip-hop world; as the outsiders, the nerdy kids, the ones you'd never expect to rap, but give them a mic and they absolutely rock.

So. 1998 rolls around. It's been a couple years since the Boys put out any music. What do they do? Release a crazy, kinetic, and (much like this video) sci-fi-retro album called Hello Nasty. (It's telling that the album won a Grammy in both alternative and rap categories.) And the first single? The ever-popular "Intergalactic," with a funny/awesome video to boot. The Boys' sound has always been a little extraterrestrial, and the guys have always been wrapped up in their own creativity; they don't follow trends, they make their own and don't care if anyone else follows. So it's fitting that this video shows them landing to Earth from outer space. The capacity of this group for sonic enlightenment is truly out of this world.


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