Saturday, November 8, 2008

Josh's Favorite Videos

One of the things I love most about coming home is our digital cable. Despite feeling compelled to do things like sell my high school class ring at a pawn shop, my parents totally went all-out with the TV entertainment.

The best music channel they have is called Music Choice. I don't know who runs it, who's responsible for it, when it started, or if it's an actual channel at all. But I do know that it's got a lot of great stuff, both new and old. Tonight I was browsing and I rediscovered the gem that is:

So she wanted to really commemorate the late, great Aaliyah. How'd she do it? By just letting the fucking flow out. People forget that behind the bling, fun videos, and making cameos in hilariously contrived hip-hop movies, Missy's a masterful MC and one of the few people who pulls off spoken-word poetry. Just listen to her lyrics sometime, man--it's surprisingly great stuff.

That said, her videos are so awesome. What seals the deal for me with "Pass That Dutch," however, is the amazing attention to visual detail. For instance, when she references Rerun, she becomes him, grainy video and all. It's a wonderful little moment that doesn't beat you over the head with its cleverness, but shows that Missy's got a creative sensibility about her that goes beyond that of a simple lyricist.

(Okay, all that said: Music Choice also had this, and it's like, hi, you are Missy Elliott, not Mary J. Blige. Her voice sounds pretty good, actually,'s just not her style. Sappy and stupid. Though I think she gets bonus points for doing the whole "ay-ay-ay" thing long before Rihanna.)


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Linds said...

hey hey hey um what's happening? GREAT CHOICE. Loves it.

I also hijack the cable at my parents place.

See ya next week!