Sunday, November 2, 2008

Introducing a new weekly feature that we are actually going to stick to if you help us out

Josh tried to pitch this idea to NYU Local but they scoffed at our literary love and sent us back to the corner with our tails between our legs. So, from now on, every Wednesday, we are introducing a reader run literary salon! We are collecting reader submissions for Jess and Josh, of any length as long as they're not basically interminable, and of any topic: short stories, poetry, etc. It's not like our blog is a hotbed of internet activity but we will link to you if you have a blog, and of course credit you, and it will be a good way to have people read your stuff, which is essentially the utmost desire of a writer, right? It also works for Josh and I because we always enjoy reading the writing of our friends and acquaintances and now we get to do so with the whole internet community. Dorky literary party here every Wednesday!

Submissions can be sent to your favorite of the two of us:

Jess -
Josh -

We will tally who gets the most submissions and then make the winner buy the loser a drink. Just kidding. I'm in Paris and I'm broke.

They should include your name, blog URL (if you have one), college you attend (if you attend one) age and of course the title of your piece and the piece. If you want to include a picture with your submission attach away.

One to two pieces (depending on length) will go up each Wednesday where they can be commented upon (don't worry, the comments are moderated) and read by anyone who happens upon the site. Think of it less as a critiquing workshop and more as a way to spread the literary love.

Ready, set, submit.


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