Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Still Have Goosebumps

Last night was one of the most incredible of my life. My roommate Rachel and I went to the Democrats Abroad party at the Palais Maillot. They confidently coined it on the invitations: The Obama Victory Party. Turns out they were right.

There were thousands of people there -- French, Americans, British -- champagne, good music, huge TVs playing CNN and free "Barack OBagels" from H&H IN NEW YORK at 3am.

I interviewed people for HuffPo, then got drunk.

And OH did I mention OBAMA WON?? HE WON!

We got the results in around 5am here. The feeling in that room when CNN put their projection as him for president... I'd try to explain it but I know it's impossible. I actually still have goosebumps just thinking about it. Everyone jumped up and down and screamed and hugged each other and cried -- French people never hug! It was one of the most incredible feelings. Growing up under the Bush administration for the past 8 years, having my formative years of 12-20 occur under someone who I was absolutely mortified to be associated with that entire time, I never understood what it meant to be proud to have a nationality. I have never been more proud of our country and of the hard work everyone put in to make it happen. I think, being in another country has made me realize how important this election was, not only for me personally and for our nation as a whole, but for the entire goddamn world. I'll link to the HuffPo piece I'm going to put up later because I got a lot of interesting insights from French people about this election that really puts this whole thing into perspective. Not only is this historical in the sense that we have elected (in my first presidential election where I'm old enough to vote!) the first black president in America, but it also means we are taking back patriotism from the Republicans. This morning Rachel and I walked around with huge smiles on our faces because we no longer feel ashamed to be Americans. The French want to respect us and love us but we've made it so fucking difficult for them under W. So: here's our gift to you, world. We are so sorry for the last eight years.


PS I just read through everyone's Facebook statuses and I'm currently covered in goosebumps and crying in a very crowded Starbucks.

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