Monday, November 24, 2008

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I went to Amsterdam this weekend and killed more braincells in three days than I'll ever be able to cultivate back by reading pretentious existentialist texts or listening to classical music or, heh, blogging. It was a pothead's paradise. I felt like this life I had lived for so long beneath reality was finally out in the open for all to share. I equate it to coming out of the closet: I was free. I was accepted. I could SMOKE WEED WHEREVER I PLEASED.

We got in on Thursday night and promptly smoked. I didn't stop smoking until I got on the (2 hour late) train back to Paris on Sunday. It was beautiful. It just seemed so natural. It didn't feel weird going up to the counter and buying weed from a balding man who recommended the "amnesia haze because that shit fucks you up." It felt more normal to do so than to meet my delivery guy on some sketch corner in Chinatown. We smoked, we ate, we went to the Van Gogh museum. It was so fun and relaxing. The prostitutes were a little bit sad, but aren't most prostitutes a little bit sad, even if they're not displayed in windows and surrounded by tourists? We went to a mushroom store and bought mushrooms from a specialist and read all about them and decided for ourselves whether or not we wanted to do them (I did not because I am a baby and also because they effect your seratonin level and haha I really don't need anyone fucking with my already fucked up seratonin level). But we educated ourselves and made that decision by ourselves, because the materials were right there in front of us, and because just because drugs are legal doesn't mean we will all become crazy drug addicts!

It seems to me like Amsterdam has it all figured out: it's beautiful, clean, peaceful but also a crazy partying site. Everyone rides bikes! It's on a gorgeous canal! The air is cold, clear, fresh and tinged with the scent of weed. It was just everything I hoped it would be: except that it haled/snowed the entire time we were there. But we were so high that didn't even matter! Who wants to go for Spring Break?



Jess and Josh said...

While coming out of the closet doesn't automatically make you accepted (*too serious*), I'm glad you had a great time and, um, hi Spring Break.


Vanessa said...

Meet me there for spring break. Great thanks.