Thursday, November 20, 2008


Thank God I still have one more year of college to go.

Not that the economy will fix itself in a year, or that the job market by 2010 will be accessible and inclusive and wonderful and I'll make my first million by 25, or that living in New York will be any cheaper (probably the opposite, in fact.)

But I hope the dust settles by the May after next, and people are no longer getting laid off, both for their sake and mine. I can't imagine what seniors are going through right now. It is so scary knowing that I'll be entering this job market. Like it won't be hard enough competing for work with a thousand other English majors from this school, now there will be like three jobs for all of us to go after.

I know how hard unemployment can be. My dad didn't have a job for over two years; during that time, the way I saw money and budgeted myself forever changed. I suppose you don't really learn the value of a dollar until you don't have it anymore. This doesn't stop me from occasionally being an idiot and spending 18 dollars on a tiny glass of dessert wine at the Bowery Hotel, but I'm not running to the ATM every three seconds like I did during, say, freshman year.

What really scares me about the current job market is that we really don't know when it will be better. I'm used to reading about this sort of thing in history textbooks, in which I can flip through the pages until things got better, and there's a timeline and a solution. But how can we study this?

I really need to civil-union rich.


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