Sunday, November 9, 2008

Budget Disclosure March

The ever amazing and politically active Duncan asked me to spread the word on an important event happening in NYC this week to help challenge the NYU administration to give full budget disclosure. If I wasn't 3,000 miles away I'd be there with signs and anger, but alas, you will have to go in my place.

This is an important issue for a few reasons. I mean, on the most basic level it'd be nice to know where my $50,000/year is going. But on another level, I know for a fact from working in the alumni office that there is some sketchy shit going on, which is obviously the reason they refuse to disclose the budget. As a private university they are not required by law to do so, but it's up to the students to hold the administration accountable for what they do with our tuition dollars; I mean, it's clearly not going towards scholarships or financial aid. This march is also throwing gender into the mix which has me hyperventilating with excitement.

Here's the info, from Duncan:

Subtitle: Has NYU broken the glass ceiling?
Description: A march demanding budget disclosure in the interest of ensuring gender pay equity.

When: Wednesday, November 12th, 1-2 PM
Where: Washington Square Park and surrounding areas. Meet in Kimmel lobby.

Folks will be marching through the park carrying plexiglass above their heads. I think you understand the metaphor.


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