Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Know, They Say Abe Lincoln Was Bi

Ugh. Queerty, stop telling me depressing anti-gay-rights news and just give me more pictures of hot scantily-clad guys. K?

58 percent of Floridians support a ban on gay marriage. Obviously, there's a lot of gray area, in that the poll didn't cover, say, civil unions or visitation rights or fucking donating blood*. Still, that's hardly a comforting figure, and the fact remains that more than half of people in Florida--which, being a swing state, can be considered a microcosm of the entire country--don't want gays getting hitched. They want to make it actually illegal.

The ban still hasn't received enough support to get passed, but that support is still in the majority, and that's just really disheartening. It's not the first time in this country that marriage rights have been restricted for a certain segment of the population, but I'm convinced because of polls like that in Florida that this country is way more homophobic than racist. They're both awful, but it took so long for blacks to achieve equal rights--and that struggle continues today in many respects--that I doubt I'll live to see people like me have equal rights as well. Because while it's nice to see our political leaders reach across the aisle, when that party unity involves saying no to gay marriage, and it becomes a fucking punchline at the vice presidential debate, and everyone's laughing "Oh ha ha the economy's going down in flames and we'll be stuck in Iraq forever but at least the gays won't get married in the next four years," you know, you may just think it's all politics but guess what? Gay kids are still being killed. And yeah, unfortunately school shootings still happen to children of all races and sexual orientations, and gay crime is a hate crime in this country, but it's still not really because people say things like:

""Going from being on the beach to being locked in a cage until he dies, it's hard for anyone to contemplate that, much less a 14-year-old," Quest said."

Like, oh, this kid didn't know what he was doing, he was just confused, he just shot this fag in the back of the head, it's all too much for him to grasp. Well fuck you, Brandon McInerney. And fuck you, Sarah Palin, and even you, Joe Biden (even though I'm still going to vote for you.) Why can't I get married? Someone give me one good reason that doesn't involve the fucking Bible. I can't get married, I can't donate blood, I'd have to go through a ton of paperwork to visit my boyfriend (ha!) in the hospital, and I'm sorry to whine but I just don't like being a second-class citizen.

Maybe I should choose to be straight instead.


*Which, by the way, I feel for the guy who wrote that piece, but I hate how he says that he "understand[s] the need for that policy," because I don't. How about the Red Cross just tests for HIV before taking your blood? 68 percent of those living with HIV are gay; that means 32 percent of those infected can, apparently, give blood without a problem. Plus, it's not like 68 percent of gay men have HIV. 68 percent of me hates the FDA for such discrimination. It's totally a late-80s mindset, and I'd think that by now we would have moved passed that as a culture, but I guess not.

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