Saturday, October 25, 2008

What are you being for Halloween?

I was a Harajuku Girl last year because it meant I got to wear my hair in pigtails without being mocked

They don't really celebrate Halloween in Paris but I'm going to find the one bar that does and dress up and not almost OD on a certain stimulant like I did last Halloween, heh. I was going to be really lazy and go as Sarah Palin because it would require me wearing a blazer I usually wear anyway and my glasses and my hair up but then I thought even though I am lame I am (potentially) not that lame, so I nixed that idea. I am lazy, however. What does a lazy, broke girl dress as for Halloween in a city that doesn't celebrate Halloween?? What are you going as? HELP.



Anonymous said...

you could always resort to the "mean girls" tactic by throwing on some ears and going as a "sexy...". this year i plan to dress as angelina jolie, tats, knives, lips and babies (although its getting very hard to find the little asian dolls i need).

michael said...

i'm going to dress up as my favorite cell phone, the KRAVE! ( 2 MP camera, mp3 playback and a touch screen, everyone is going to want to get a piece of my action. Check it out!