Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Songs about the Internet

Every few months I get bored of my iTunes and want to find new music. I don't know, there's just so many times I can listen to Madonna and the Flaming Lips and...um...Tom Petty...before I need something new to blast into my ears every morning.

I was thinking: Are there any songs about the Internet? Not gimmicky ones from Broadway shows that get turned into amateur YouTube videos but songs released by actual recording artists that are...just...about the Internet. Or even any aspect of modern technology! The only two I can think of right now are "The Call" by the Backstreet Boys and this cute lil' ditty from Suburban Kids with Biblical Names called "Loop Duplicate My Heart," a sweet suggestion to anyone who's ever used GarageBand. Oh and I guess there's this, but it's so ironic, don'tcha think?

So please, readers. Enlighten me with your superior musical knowledge. Songs about software! (Not songs by software, either.)



Nina said...

Don't forget the *NSync classic, "Digital Get Down":

Digital digital get down just you and me
(You may be) Twenty thousand miles away but I can see ya
And baby baby you can see me
Digital digital get down just what we need
We can get together naturally
(We can) We can get together on the digital screen

So much franker than "The Call."

Klalo said...

What about Technologic by Daft Punk?

Linds said...

Damn, thought I had a good one with Digital GetDown but someone beat me to the punch.