Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Hi There

This morning I slept through my first class and then woke up to bursts of cold rain hitting my window then I went downstairs and was practically out of coffee and then I spilled half of my watered-down cup onto the sofa. I also cut my foot on a piece of glass from the (styrofoam!) disco ball that we'd accidentally left on after our party and that proceeded to fall and crash into our kitchen at some point during the evening and some of the glued-on mirrored pieces are all over the floor and I thought we picked them all up but the trail of blood coming from the sole of my right food would beg to differ.

It has been that kind of week so far, with a bunch of schoolwork to boot--midterms have ended, but I'm reading the same amount of crap, etc. I wrote a couple things for NYULocal, finally, so go there and read about how McDonald's will save us all.

And I still don't know what I'm being or doing for Halloween.

My point is that, while there are no big concerns looming over my life right now, there are about a dozen little ones that will eventually work themselves out, but in the meantime my psyche is going crazy trying to keep up with it all. Which is why I haven't updated since Sautrday, or something.


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