Saturday, October 25, 2008

Maybe For Halloween I Can Be Someone Who's Good With His Money

How oh how did I spend 160 dollars in two days? Who knows! Heh now I'm almost broke and I don't get paid until Thursday. Here we come, bowl-of-Lucky-Charms-as-a-meal. The frustrating thing is that it's totally all my fault.

Why have I still not learned how to manage my money? You'd think after living in New York for two-plus years that you'd have some knowledge about crazy foreign concepts like saving and budgeting and not buying yet another plaid button-down. The best part is that I'm really hungover, so I'll probably get delivery for lunch. Again.

Also I have no idea what I'm actually being--or doing--for Halloween. The past two years I've known since like the beginning of October where I'd be and what I'd be wearing, but I think between the economy, the election, and the party we're throwing tonight, Halloween's fallen off a lot of people's radars. I'd make a joke about being something stupid like this, but sadly I have already been a seƱor, and let me tell you, my feet were helados in my sandalias.

I'm way too out of it to coherently end this post, so here's a video of John McCain on an old episode of SNL. Enjoy.


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ninanyc said...

So I'm assuming our Daria idea isn't happening, haha.