Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Josh's Favorite Videos

It's always great to see an established band still giving it 100% and not just coasting on former glory. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been around for a while, but they clearly put a ton of effort into this video. Not only are the costume changes wonderful, but they've nailed the acting down as well! We all know Flea has voice-over experience (Wild Thornberries, anyone?), but who knew he'd have made a great 50s rocker, Elvis-style updo and all? Usually, older alt-rock bands come back with super-serious videos that negate the silliness that once made them famous. But not the Chili Peps! (Plus, Anthony Kiedis? Still totally doable.)

It's a great song with an entirely unrelated video, but I don't care! This is fun, exceedingly watchable, and proves that they're still going strong almost a quarter century after their debut release. So go ahead, take many trips down memory lane, and enjoy. And in the spirit of California, well...you know what I'm going to suggest. Doesn't hurt, is all I'm saying.


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