Thursday, October 16, 2008

Josh's Favorite Videos

Wait, what? Yeah, bet you weren't seeing this one coming. Hype Williams is definitely the Stanley Kubrick of music videos: prolific, revolutionary, and weird. Back before the days of "Touch It," Busta was the court jester of the hip-hop kingdom, and his rhymes on songs like this one proved it. He was funny and talented, charismatic and forceful, a joy to listen to. His earliest videos reflected that; here, for instance, he goes all Coming to America on us, only Hype turns it up a notch, and gives us crazy elephant rapping and under-the-blacklight dancing and sped-up dance moves all these other awesome visual moments that add up to provide a portrait of a rapper very much the master of his own great, goofy domain. (PS--Watch this when you're stoned. Trust me.)

Most importantly, and standing in contrast with the pimp posturing of modern hip-hop videos, it looks like Busta, along with everyone else involved, is having a lot of fun. The dancers, the fantastically costumed women, the guys having the stick fight: everyone looks like they really enjoyed working on this project, and put a lot of time and passion into it.

It also doesn't hurt that Busta's got mad flow. "Fuck that! Look at shorty, she a little cutie, yo, / The way she shake it make me wanna get all in the booty, yo." I mean, can you beat that?


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