Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm Not Really Laughing Anymore About The End of Print

This is the first time I've ever been personally effected by 1) the decline of print journalism and 2) the crashing economy. A magazine that I was being paid to write for (I know! My first paid writing gig! Not longlasting!) officially folded yesterday. I found out through a press release which I thought was only something that happened in movies but I suppose not. Picture me sitting in a cafe in Paris fielding e-mails from friends who work at various media sites asking if I know anything about the folding of the mag. Why no, I do not, but thank you for informing me.

I am disappointed to lose the opportunity of working with really amazing and talented people, but c'est la vie. I can't expect incredibly brilliant and accomplished people to be fired from their print posts and me to escape unscathed. It's a learning experience. Frankly I was lucky to even have the opportunity at all.

I'm getting really nervous about "the industry" and "grad school" and "the GRE's." I honestly cannot even think about having to go through the school application process and take placement exams and get letters of recommendation. It's so daunting and I was happy to be done with it at 18. Now, less than three years later, I'm doing it again, and it's equally terrifying. There is only one program I've found so far that I'm obsessed with as the others are too dominated by print studies. We'll see. Ugh. Maybe I will just not go to grad school and live in a houseboat on the Seine. It would be nice to not stress, if even for a little while.


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Marshall said...

So sorry that really sucks.