Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can Someone Explain To Me

1. Why the "⌘L" command exists,

2. Why the tech term "files" went out of vogue (nobody would ever say "All my computer files were erased!" anymore),

3. Why the hell I love the new new Brandy,

and 4. Why McCain is catching up.



Beamer said...

I have no idea about the other three, but #1: because it's amazingly useful? "⌘L" is probably one of my three most used shortcuts. The first most used in browsers. It's so much quicker, and then it's just a "tab" away from the Google box.

Linds said...

nice linkage. I thought she was dead or something but she also popped up on John Legend's new album (which is fantastic btw)and hot damn if the song doesn't keep popping up on my iPod. Song is "Quickly"

Jess and Josh said...

You know, Linds, I love MTV, but I wish there were a branch of the network exclusively devoted to us undergraduates. I would totally love and constantly read an MTV site that let me check out my favorite indie videos, find out about great new bands, and connect with other members of the global collegiate community!

Jess and Josh said...

And beamer: I mean, I get that, but isn't it easier to just click? You're probably using your mouse anyway. That's just what I don't understand.

Linds said...

OMG Josh you are so in luck.

check out and all your dreams will come true.