Monday, September 22, 2008

We Write Things

Ever since my name crept onto the pages of Gawker I've been all weary about being on the internetz and the things I put out there, etc etc etc. I stopped linking to articles written about me or things I had written for other publications, mostly because the "exposure" slipped freakishly quickly away from "exciting" and into "terrifying." I went to a party and then went into hiding. I threw myself into reading and kissing boys and traveling the country: basically anything to avoid the internet. You see, me and the internet needed a clean break. We both said some things we didn't mean and hurt each other in inexplicable ways. So I ate cactus in New Mexico and got pulled over by state police in Nebraska and got drunk in Iowa City and crashed the car in Washington D.C. Then I kissed some more and moved to France.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm proud of the things Josh and I have done and I'm not going to be afraid to post them here, even if it makes me feel kind of like an asshole. I don't think ultimately it's an asshole-y thing to want to share your work with others, especially as maintainer of a blog, but I'm supersensitive to these kinds of things so we'll leave it at that. That said, I'm going to be writing a column for The Huffington Post about my adventures in Paris. My first article should be up very soon - hopefully this week. I won't be afraid to link to it, I promise.

Anyway. There are also these:

Jess on NYU Local
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Nina said...

That is so exciting about your column for HuffPo. I'm Vanessa's friend and of course she turned me on to you and Josh's blog, which I know follow diligently. I know I can always find good insight and crystal clear writing in here. You're not just a blogger! You're a journalist. Own it.