Monday, September 15, 2008

Things You Can't Do Without Electricity

1. Blog
2. Use the internet at all
3. See
4. Make tea
5. Watch TV
6. Catch up on episodes of Mad Men on Surf the Channel
7. Write
8. Read
9. Shower with hot water
10. Cook
11. Use your computer, especially if you depleted the battery because you legit fell asleep watching old episodes of The Hills
12. Listen to music, especially if you depleted the battery on your iPod listening to it on the Metro while praying someone else doesn't jerk off on you.
13. Skype
14. Study
15. Do laundry

Things You Can Do Without Electricity
1. Smoke cigarettes and drink cheap wine in the dingy hallway of your apartment building while trying to do your homework in the light of the emergency generators. OMG lolz, France is so 3rd world.


`nk said...

can you tell me where you found that image? it's really cute.

Jess and Josh said...

i literally google imaged "no electricity," haha.