Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion 3

Wow, September already! That means the start of classes, the buying of sweaters, and--in our Crazy Internet Age--everyone is doing more blog stuff! Many of my and Jess's friends maintain personal blogs, some of them awesome and some of them pretentious and rambling. (We'd like to think we're somewhere happily in the middle!) As Jess just pointed out, she'll be talking about Media and Other Important Things for NYULocal. Well, just so you're all aware, I am writing for the site too! I am a "daily blogger," which means that I blog once a week, but don't you dare call me a "weekly blogger" or else I won't, um...actaully, I guess that makes me a weekly blogger. My first day is Thursday, so check back to the site all throughout that day to see what I have to say on "city life." (And, like, read the site every other day too for some great posts from some great writers.)

Also, any suggestions? Anything in Manhattan you'd like to see me cover?


P.S. Yes, Jess was right, I'll be posting more soon. The apartment continues to look increasingly like a home--which is good, because I need that, because if I don't have a sense of place and center I freak out and write really long posts about how lonely and terrified I can feel--and classes started today. I guess I'm still in a bit of a transitional mode, but once I get the hang of my class schedule (that reminds me: I wonder when and where I have class tomorrow), balance that with work, and finish cleaning up the mess from our apartment party (SOMEBODY THREW UP ON THE STAIRS AND WE CLEANED IT TWO DAYS AGO BUT IT STILL SMELLS SO DISGUSTING EW), I'll be back. Blogging is my hot, hot sex.

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