Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rachel Comey Spring 2009

I'm sick with a horrible headache and death cough, so I stayed home from school today (though I did have to make the hour long trek over for a 10 minute long advising meeting at 3:30pm...) and spent my time drinking tea and browsing through the looks from NY fashion week. I was so busy settling into my new home that I didn't even get to look at any of the collections online until today.

The one that caught my eye was a little-known designer I had never heard of. I literally gasped when I saw New York designer Rachel Comey's Spring 2009 line. It's so effortless, and you can definitely see the Mad Men inspiration. Some of my favorite looks below.


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Scott Baio is Flipping You the Bird said...

like 2 LOVE 3 would wear 7 and 8
hate 1 don't understand 4
hatehatehate the last one
I can already hear Michael Kors saying something like "She looks like a blind French maid in mental hospital."
following his comment on 6 "Those shorts do terrible things for the body. It looks like you took an old pair of parachute pants and cropped them. Hello! It's like Hammer Time in Bermuda! I don't like it."

I didn't pick up the Mad Men influence but now that I look at it again, it's definitely there