Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Hope

Next time you think that all hope is lost for our ravaged society...fear not! Here be hope. Britney's new album, out December 2, will be called Circus. One confirmed producer is Danja, who also turned the knobs on "Gimme More" (he's the one who says "You're gonna have to remove me" towards the end of the song.) And she's releasing the new album on her birthday! Awww.



Marshall said...

One album every 14 months, that's a good start. I just hope it isn't going to take this one being terrible for everyone to finally acknowledge that BLackout was fucking excellent. I believe Danja was also the one who scared the hell out of me on 'Get Naked I Got a Plan'. Hopefully this time she won't be so tightly packaged now that she's well again.

Jess and Josh said...

but that's the thing--IS she well again? she's been MIA the past few months, and she was on PR-induced lockdown at the VMAs. I don't think we really know her frame of mind. For all we know she could have just graduated to mood-enhancing drugs. (Like, by the handful.)