Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Mom Uses the Word "Interwebs" in an Ironic Way

ME: look, the observer actually did something really funny.
MOM: that's hilarious! i love it!
MOM: did you see the video of sarah silverman on the jimmy kimmel show singing about she's fucking matt damon?
ME: haha yeah, that came out like six months ago
MOM: yeah, well i'm behind the times, apparently.
MOM: my goal is to send you something you haven't seen yet
ME: haha aw good luck
MOM: you live in pop culture on the interwebs
MOM: although i did send you that thing about using lysol as a douche. i'm sure you can't find THAT everywhere.
MOM: of course, those were ads from the 30's, so maybe that says something about me :)


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