Friday, September 12, 2008

Je Suis Arrivee!

I'm here, in France, in my apartment drinking really strong coffee and about to get on the Metro to go to the NYU building. It's cold and raining but that's to be expected. I don't have time to update a lot right now because I have to be at school by 9:30am and my commute is probably about 30 minutes. I love French people, and sandwiches from boulangeries and 2 euro bottles of wine. French men are obsessed with American women and are aggressive but also adorable, saying things like "It's nice to see American women in Paris!" and then promptly tripping and almost doing a full out face plant in the street. My first purchases for my apartment were a promotionally gigantic jar of Nutella and a 3 Euro bottle of Rose. We're in the 13th arrondissement and it's lovely. I have so many stories, like how the French call CSI "Les Experts," (lol!) among other things, which I will do this weekend once I fully get over my jetlag and adjust.


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`nk said...

i love the 13th. you must be surrounded by top-notch street art. i used to live in the 11th, which is also a hip neighborhood.