Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Hills Hates On Women... Again

Last night on The Hills Lauren randomly dashed off to Italy without the video cameras, leaving her dumfounded posse to their own devices. This meant that Audrina and JustinBobby hung out with Heidi and Spencer, and that conniving ex-methhead Stephanie went on a date with Lauren's recent ex Doug. While discussing the situation at dinner with Brody, Lauren asks if he thinks it was wrong of Doug to ask Stephanie out. Brody says, "Well, I think boys will be boys, but Stephanie's supposed to be one of your best friends."

Typical. Even though Doug initiated the date, and is clearly manipulating the feelings of Lauren's best friend as a revenge tool, it's Stephanie who gets blamed for the act. Women always get the shitty end of the stick in regards to this: when men behave badly, we're just supposed to chalk it up to biology. When women behave badly, they pay mentally and emotionally, with the most palpable vengeance channeled from other women.



Susan said...

Good point. My favorite part was when stephanie asked "how would lauren find out?" Um, maybe b/c you're telling her roommate, or mayyybe b/c this is all being video taped by the man standing behind audrina? I dunno one of those ways. Oh and yes stephanie, hamsters grow up and becom guinea pigs just like you suggested earlier this season. God, she's brilliant!!!

maitresse said...

That show is the perfect illustration of Orwell's point that clichés are the death of thought. The gang on this show are at such a loss for words that they just recycle platitudes, completely short-circuiting any original thoughts they might have had without recourse to cliché.

Every so often you can catch Lauren grasping to express what she is feeling in a new way, but the effort generally proves too stressful; she settles for the words closest at hand, and that sad look of resignation comes over her face.

Anyway, my point was, it sucks that Brody was blaming Stephanie (though remember, he's not a big fan of hers), but his stupidity is as much to blame as his misogyny.