Friday, September 26, 2008

Embarrassing Phonetic Slipups

This is what happens when I insist we speak French the entire date:

What Thomas said: Tu aimes ce vin? (You like this wine?)
What I heard: Tu aimes souvent? (You love often?)

Say them out loud. They sound very similar, especially to an anglophone ear! Yeah. That was embarrassing. I scrunched my face up and like stared at him with my mouth askew and basically shouted "mais non!" I mean, it's true in the sense that I don't fall in love often, which is apparently the forte of French men.



LOLSAM said...

I know! I sooo haven't mastered the spoken vernacular yet. I keep hearing things incorrectly because this semester my professor has decided that it is better to speak the vernacular slang than to actually enunciate words. I suppose it will pay off later, but right now it's driving me nuts.

Nous avons fait un éxamen hier, mais, en général, s'est très bien passé. Je te manque! J'éspère que Paris te plait!

Marshall said...

vous faites si!