Saturday, September 20, 2008

Drag Queens at NYU

Today I'm going to some drag circus music show in Washington Square Park. That should scare those Hayden kids! Ha ha, I'm so totally older and superior now.

Anyway, I'm hungover and crabby but I have to do it for NYULocal. I haven't covered an event for them before yet, so I don't know how snarky I'm allowed to be, but if my predictions are correct then I'm going to be giving a watered-down report for them. But you guys, on the other hand, will get it uncensored. So stay tuned for the red-band write-up.


EDIT: Okay, I'm not actually editing what I just wrote, but as it turns out, the event has nothing to do with drag queens. Rather, it addresses such issues as "immigration, public schools, affordable housing, healthcare access, police brutality, the environment, and the war in Iraq.” LOL. Why did I think drag queens were involved? I wish they were. They're like an issue, right?

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Jess and Josh said...

josh... LOL. aren't drag queens involved in everything?