Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comment Moderation

We're moderating comments now so if they don't show up right away it's because we haven't checked our e-mail and approved them yet! Or it's because you called us dickheads or something, which is fine, but write that shit on your own blog. But by all means, polite dissent is welcome!


Here are some things you cannot say. I mean, you can say them all you want, but we're not gonna approve them.

1) Telling us how self-absorbed we are: We know. We have a blog. We have a blog with our names in the title. We post pictures and videos of ourselves and share our thoughts with the world. Saying that we're self-absorbed is about as astute as saying that Oprah is reckless with her weight, which is to say, not astute at all.

2) Being mean for no reason: To us or to other commenters. If you're passionate about something and disagree with a point we've made, or an argument posed by the commenter above you, then by all means say something. But just plain lashing out, or calling us names for no reason? Nope, we don't have to put that on our site. Sorry, Charlie, free speech lives on but being an asshole is gonna get shut down every time.

3) Hateful speech: So you're not a homosexual/feminist/Democrat. That's fine! Feel free to tell us why Sarah Palin is awesome or why gays shouldn't get married. But using offensive racist, homophobic, or demeaning terms when making comment is totally not fine. Find an intelligent way to make your point.

4) Spam comments: And we don't just mean spambots, either. We're glad you're so excited about your ringtones, but frankly, we don't care, and saying that one of our posts was "Awesome! Go to this site for cool downloads, cheap and easy!" isn't going to make us change our minds. Besides, I'm happy with my Madonna ringtone, thank you very much.

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