Monday, September 22, 2008

Circus Sideshow Subprime Whatever

So here's my official review of the Circus Amok drag-queens-explain-economic-crises show. And I did have a good time. But there were a few things I didn't tell NYU Local:

1) I was really hungry before the show even started, and my friend and I had made plans to go to the Washington Square Diner afterwards, so I kept waiting for the damn thing to end so I could fucking eat my burger and fries.

2) It was short--indeed, under an hour--but that's a long time to sit with your legs Indian-style (just like in kindergarten! Sort of) and when we finally got up to leave my thighs burned and I realized I'm disgustingly out of shape so I got sad. I'm complaining, yes, but let me tell you--it actually hurt to walk.

3) We didn't actually stay until the end. Not only were we getting tired of the show, but some old guy (probably some conservative blowhard who had no idea what he was in for) started yelling at his wife--in the middle of the performance--and she was just this sweet old lady sitting with her grandkids and then the husband stormed off and you could tell she was trying to play it off like it was no big deal but she was actually really hurt by his words. My friend and I, good moods now completely sapped dry, got up to follow them and saw them awkwardly embrace. People are strange! And sad.

4) They kept making blatant references to Obama, and it's like, okay, obviously everyone involved with the show is gonna vote for him in November, and obviously most people in the audience (I say "most" because, you know, mean old guy from #3) will do the same, and the plug seemed out of place and unnecessary.

5) The woman doing the sound mixing looked just like Sarah Palin.


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