Wednesday, September 24, 2008


JESS: josh you're so hot, you could get someone if you tried
JESS: i know that sounds retarded and i'd scoff at if i were you
JESS: but the fact that you're alone says nothing about you and everything about the caliber of gay men in new york
JESS: and also perhaps the nature of ambient intimacy vs real intimacy (Ed. note: See what she did there? Actually increasing the level of pretentiousness of this conversation by subtly referencing a New York Times Magazine article? It's all so effortless!)
JOSH: and perhaps that i maintain unrealistic standards and want someone to embrace my imperfections while possessing none of his own


Gay Toast said...

I want to embrace your imperfections Josh, I want to embrace them all night after pushing your boyfriend pillow onto the floor and reassuring you that your article was great.

Jess and Josh said...

well thanks, stranger ;)


Marshall said...

I think it's ambient intimacy vs. whale sounds.