Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Betty Draper in Me

The other night in DC my faux-uncle and I were talking about relationships and the following conversation transpired:

ME: Do you ever date anybody you don't actually like?
MICHAEL: No, why would I do that at my age? (Ed. Note: He's only 29, BTW)
ME: I don't know. It seems easier in some ways.
MICHAEL: Why would you even do that at your age?
ME: Well, sometimes I like making out with people but I don't end up liking them that much.
MICHAEL: I'm sure you could find someone you like making out with and you like as a person.
ME: Mmm... I don't know... I haven't in awhile. Besides, if you only date people you don't really like, then when it ends you don't give a shit.
MICHAEL: What are you, an old, sad, abused housewife?

Mmm... maybe. I don't know. I think I'm slowly becoming one of those people who cares more about writing and school and getting drunk than developing romantic relationships. In short, I kind of feel like I'm becoming a stereotypical "guy." At the same time, I hate everything about casual sex/dating: the awkwardness, the wondering, the confusion. I wish I would just stumble upon someone whom I immediately mutually adored and it was like we'd been dating for years. I want hot sex AND intimacy, but I don't want to do any of the work to get there. I'm lazy. I kind of envision Paris as this cosmopolitan wine soaked place with lots of bridges and bicycles teeming with hot wild haired chainsmoking poets. But, um, that's how I envisioned New York, and I was sort of right, which was the problem, because if I've learned one thing it is this: DO NOT DATE POETS.

I leave you with wise words from Josh:

ME: This is the year you get a boyfriend. I can feel it.
JOSH: Well it's either "This is the year I get a boyfriend" or "This is the year I develop a Vicodin problem," so let's hope for the former.



Vanessa said...

ha. you and josh make me giggle. i hear ya. but i don't think you're becoming a stereotypical "guy" so much as you're becoming a stereotypical "nyu girl." take that for what you will.


Jess and Josh said...

Does that mean I'm an NYU girl too? Cuz that's fine.


Marshall said...

"Sure of what she didn't want"

Vanessa said...

Yes Josh. I think it can mean that. But I will have to further ascertain when I actually meet you, a day which I anxiously await.

much love from one nyu gal to another.