Sunday, September 7, 2008


My flight leaves JFK for Paris tomorrow at 7pm. I asked my friend Dina, who is currently studying in Paris, if there's anything I need to know about living abroad. This was what she said:
Any J&J readers have any European travel tips beyond not being a drunken American dumbass?



Glynnis said...

I'm studying in Paris all year and have been here for a full week. I'm living in an apartment and have been running around the city for the past few days shopping for odds and ends.

Even though you'll want to pack as little as possible to avoid schlepping too many bags around the city or paying for overweight luggage, don't underestimate the money you can save by packing certain things. For instance: bandaids. Buying a box here will cost you 5€. Also? Shampoo is sold at half the quantity you're used to in the U.S. for twice as much money. Don't worry about packing any school supplies, since you can buy pretty nice ones here for really cheap.

Any pointed questions you'd like to ask as a student packing for Paris, feel free to send them my way.

`nk said...

french people love to stare and glare. also, be prepared to have like no privacy anywhere. i don't know if you like yogurt, but the B'A lemon yogurt (blue packaging, made by nestlé) is amazing--you have to try it. i can't have any yogurt in the states anymore because of it. ok, so maybe you should think twice before trying it? but if you want to, most monoprix's, which is the best supermarket chain in terms of value, should have it.

Rachel Lynn Ament said...

Do not wear AMERICAN University sweatshirts in other countries! I tried this in Israel and a security guard raised his gun at me. He was just playin but still.