Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quick! Bolt to your TV!

VH1 is rerunning a marathon of Laguna Beach. Lauren has horrible highlights and baby fat, and I just witnessed a conversation between Kristen and Jessica that went like this:

(At the grocery store)
Jessica: We should make a salad with Feta cheese in it!
Kristen: Do boys know what Feta cheese is?
Jessica: Oh, for sure!

(5 minutes later, while making dinner for Stephan and Deiter)
Deiter: What is... fay-tah cheese? I don't want any fay-tah cheese on my pasta!

One of the best things about Laguna Beach is clearly the fact that it makes me feel smart, if only for a little while.



eric e. said...

You need not to watch Laguna beach to feel smart, because you already are and always will be, jess.

MRV said...

so did lauren officially win in the war v. kristin, b/c she is way more famous now? or will she always be the girl who didn't go to paris, and also got dumped for kristin? life's little mysteries.