Tuesday, August 26, 2008


""Obama is unelectable," said Kafka, who has been voting for Democrats since she registered 38 years ago. "There is no way I will vote for any ticket with Obama's name on it. I will vote for John McCain instead.""

He's only unelectable if you don't vote for him. Come on, people. I wanted Hillary to win too. She didn't. Let's move on and just get a Democrat in the White House.




Mazi said...

With the experience debate aside, their policies are so similar...that I agree with josh, to just put the Democratic party first. Plus, clinton ran a terrible campaign and it isn't so far off from being related to how she would have run the White House.

christena said...

Yes, Obama is unelectable, regardless of whether one votes for him.

rbobf said...

um i wonder if she knows that if you vote for somebody who ends up losing, the winning party does not actually track you down and throw you in jail.

Jess and Josh said...

Maybe she DOES know that, and that would explain the orange pantsuit.


Shawn said...

well said. like you, i loved hillary, but she didn't win. also, my vote for hillary was never a vote against obama - i'm just loyal to the clintons and think that they both have faults but are pretty amazing people.

we SHOULD move on though. i can't ever imagine voting republican or anyone that voted for hillary voting republican. what about a woman's choice? what about gay rights? what about the economy? what about gun control? what about getting out of iraq? what about ending corruption and the control of the fucking conservitive christian right in this country.

for all these reasons and more, we need a liberal in the white house.