Thursday, August 14, 2008

"The new millennial version of Radiohead would be called iTuneshead"

Radiohead was amazing, but that's probably not news. Nor is it that traffic on the Ben Franklin Bridge blows when everyone in the right two lanes is trying to get to the newly-named Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden without getting shot, but eating a Wawa sandwich while on that bridge is decidedly much easier if the traffic isn't moving. As is rolling J's, or at least I'm assuming, as it was not me who was doing so.

But yes, Thom Yorke's whale-like wails and writhing moves were just as awe-inspiring in person. And the crowd was much better than the Kanye fiasco, considering everyone was around my age or older. And had beards. And glasses. And were therefore kind of "my type," but I was too, um, out of it, to care and I just wanted to listen to the music and also stargaze on the lawn hopefully not in a pile of puke leftover from the DMB show.

They opened with "Bodysnatchers" and closed with "Everything in Its Right Place" and were totally loyal to the Radiohead mantra of robots taking over: that is to say, the light show was fucking awesome.

Having to pee while stuck in traffic on level 4 of a parking garage? Not so much. Does it make me an Old that I would prefer to just watch them perform live on TV from the comfort of my living room while sipping Sleepytime tea and nodding off? Survey says: yes.


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