Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Road Trip News

Check out the sweet flier/business card I made. In Paint. Because 3 years without it has most certainly not been kind to my Photoshop skillz.-Jess

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Tiribico said...

hi, this is non-related. But I am bored at work. Jeez, now I feel like a tattle-tale but its been bugging me. Don't know if you have noticed, but Moe has mentioned you in her recent Gawker posts, one having to do with some odd Princton soon-to-be freshman who sent some random-ass Facebook message. Whatevs, I found it weird, and I did not like it. I have been a J&J reader, and maybe I'm not too snarky or Gawker-esque enough to put my finger on whether Moe is placing you under this negative light, but alls Im sayin' no likey. Who knew you could be protective over bloggers??!! GOD I NEED TO GET OFF THE INTERNET.